Winter 2021 Course Schedule 

The Monday classes we are offering this term at Green's Lake Road are listed below.
The Winter term classes begin on January 4 and end on March 29.

7:00 p.m. - The book of Romans (Jim Dearman, instructor)
8:00 p.m. - The books of Jeremiah & Lamentation (Roger Campbell, instructor)
9:00 p.m. - The book of Revelation (Jim Lewis, instructor)

The Tuesday class at Union Grove will begin on January 5 and end on March 30.

7:00 - The book of Romans (Rick Owens, instructor)

Covid-19 Considerations:
1. In all classroom settings, as well as getting to our seats, moving about between and after
classes, we will try to practice the CDC suggestions for social distancing (six feet . . .).

2. We request that students wear a face mask at least until they are seated for class, and plan
to wear the mask when exiting or anytime they are in close proximity to others.

3. For the classes at Green’s Lake Road, the first night we will meet in the auditorium. How
many people attend the classes will determine where later sessions will be conducted.
- Please leave at least one empty pew in front of and behind where you sit. It is a large
auditorium, so we can do this with no problem.
- We ask that family units sit together.

For further information about any aspect of the classes, please:
 Call or text the director of the school, Roger D. Campbell, at 423-920-4980.
 Send an e-mail to Roger D. Campbell:

Costs - All courses are totally Free, and that includes all materials which are distributed to

Attendance - Classes are open to anyone who has a desire to study God’s word. Attend as few
or as many of the courses as you wish. You are welcome to visit any class session on any night.

Audit or Credit - If one takes a course for credit, that means he/she does the assignments,
including homework, memory verses, and exams (36 total course credits are required for
graduation). If one audits a course, that means he/she is not required to do the assignments,
but he/she still receives all class materials.

Registration for courses - We will take care of this in person on the first night of class.

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elders of the
Green’s Lake Road church of Christ (1209 Green’s Lake Road, East Ridge, TN 37412).

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