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Chattanooga School of Preaching and Biblical Studies
The Chattanooga School of Preaching and Biblical Studies began operation in January 2000.  The school has been and continues to be under the oversight of the elders of the Green’s Lake Road church of Christ.  During these years, three classes have been offered on Monday evenings at the Green’s Lake Road church building. Additionally, one class has been offered over this same period of time - first at the Benton church of Christ building and for the last several years at the Gateway church building in Etowah, Tennessee.

        What is the purpose of the school?  Simply stated, the purpose of the school is to provide structured, in-depth studies in the Bible and related subjects.  The thinking was and still is that the people of our area need a school where the Bible is respected as the one and only authority in matters of religion.  The large number of students who have taken classes are evidence that this concept is valid.

        Who may attend the school?  Classes are conducted on an adult level.  Both men and women are encouraged to enroll.  Non-members also are welcome with the understanding that where the Bible speaks, we speak.  Over the past years, the student population has included, and still does, elders, deacons, preachers, Bible class teachers, song leaders, Christians who still work at jobs and come to class at night, Christians who are retired from work, and some non-Christians who just appreciate the opportunity to study the Bible.  We are especially appreciative of several young people who have attended.  Serious-minded young people do well in their studies.  Class environment is always cordial and the fellowship is treasured by all.

        Who teaches the classes?  Classes are taught by faithful and capable gospel preachers or other qualified teachers from our area.  Sometimes we also have ladies’ classes which are taught by faithful Christian women, and we might add, are very well received.  All teachers are volunteers and graciously give themselves, their skills, and their time without financial reward.  The Green’s Lake Road church does provide a relatively small amount for travel expenses.  We truly have been blessed to have dedicated and extremely capable teachers – teachers who love the Lord and the good people who give themselves to serious study of God’s word.

        What is taught in the School?   The curriculum gives emphasis to textual studies in the Bible.  A strong emphasis also is given to apologetics, hermeneutics, evangelism, and other related topics.  Textual studies are provided on every book in the Bible.  Some of the other courses taught are: Christian Evidences, Christian Ethics, The Church of Christ, Inspiration of the Bible, Introduction to Greek, Hermeneutics, Bible Geography, Introduction to the Old Testament, Introduction to the New Testament, Life of Christ, Marriage-Divorce-Remarriage, Role of Women in the Bible, Logic and the Bible, World Religions, Leadership in the Church, The Godhead.

        How much does it cost?  There are no financial costs to attend the school - no fees or tuition.  The facilities and location expenses are provided by the Green’s Lake Road church (Chattanooga) and the Gateway church (Etowah).  The student is expected to pay the cost of commitment to study and appropriate attendance and participation.

        How does one enroll, and do I graduate?  Enrollment is easily accomplished at the first class session.  Students may enroll for one class or two classes, or three classes - whichever best fits their desires and schedule.  Courses may be taken for credit or audited.  Taking “for credit” means the students will be expected to complete class assignments and will receive a grade at the end of the term.  Completion of thirty-six credits (courses) qualifies the student for graduation.  A graduation exercise will be held and the graduates will be duly recognized and presented their diploma.  We recommend that all new students consider taking the classes for credit - one reason being that some have taken several classes for audit, but did the work anyway, and later wished they had started on a “credit” basis.  “Audit” classes do not require completion of class assignments, but the students do receive the same instruction and all class materials.  A lot of folks just like to study the Bible and enjoy the fellowship.

        When and where?  Each calendar year three terms, or quarters of classes are offered.  The Fall Term begins in mid-August and has thirteen classes, meeting one night each week.  The Green’s Lake Road classes meet on Monday evenings - three classes - one at 7:00 p.m.; one at 8:00 p.m.; one at 9:00 p.m..  The Gateway class meets on Tuesday evenings: one class only - at 7:00 p.m. The Winter Term normally begins the first Monday and Tuesday evenings in January.  These classes also run for thirteen weeks with time schedules the same as Fall Term.  The Spring Term begins the first Monday and Tuesday evenings of May.  However, the Spring Term is only for eight weeks and will end near the end of June.  Class time schedules are the same as other terms.

        Why me?  Why not me!  Since January 2000, several hundred individuals from throughout our area have taken classes at the Chattanooga School of Preaching and Biblical Studies.  Some drive in excess of sixty miles to class.  Graduates have included both men and women, preachers, elders, deacons, and others who just wanted to grow in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Interestingly, several who have graduated continue to take classes, for the same reasons they had when they started - it is a blessing to study God’s word.  NOW is the best time to give it a try.  SEE YOU IN CLASS.

(For more information, contact: 423-867-7115 (office); or Jim Lewis – 423-322-7967; or Roger Campbell – 423-920-4980)
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