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A History of the Green's Lake Road congregation

October 4, 1959, a beautiful Lord's Day, marked the occasion of the first meeting of the Green's Lake Road Church of Christ. Most of the 200 Christians assembled that day were now to be former members of the East Ridge congregation.

Construction of the Green's Lake Road meeting house began in the spring of 1959. It initially consisted of a 500 seat auditorium, a nursery, 12 basement classrooms and an office.  An educational annex was completed in 1975 adding many classrooms, offices and other needed areas.  A preacher's house was built in 1965.  The property of the congregation consists of several acres, allowing for future expansion as various needs, resources, and opportunities allow and warrant.

The congregation has consistently been committed to the evangelization of East Ridge and beyond.  Through the years, various programs have been initiated and sundry projects and missionaries have been supported to this end.  Presently the congregation is engaged in local outreach programs as well as a large Bible Correspondence Course program reaching all across the United States with more than 200 courses processed each week.  The congregation is supporting two local television programs.  Other mission work areas include Ukraine, India, Caribbean, Africa, Malaysia, Honduras, and Nicaragua.  A Vacation Bible School is held in June of each year and an annual youth day is hosted the first Saturday in August.  The first annual Men's Leadership Seminar was held May 2014.

The Chattanooga School of Preaching and Biblical Studies began in 2000. The objective of the school is to provide structured, in depth studies in the Bible and related subjects.  Both men and women are encouraged to enroll. Classes are held on Monday nights at the Green’s Lake Road building and Tuesday nights at Etowah.  Currently there are about 40 students enrolled representing various area congregations.

The Green’s Lake Road congregation has always been very active in benevolent work.  It has energetically and liberally responded to local and national disasters and needs.  It is presently supporting the Potter Children's Home at Bowling Green, Kentucky.  A food pantry is maintained to help address local needs.

Former preachers have been: James Eaton, Ben Flatt, Dale Randolph, William Hartline, Don McWhorter, Terry Harnden, Michael Hughes and Reid Perry. The present local evangelists are Roger Campbell and James R. Lewis.  Other special evangelists and workers have included Clarence McGee, Ron Coles, Doug McVey, Tim Arthur, Lance Perry, Jacob Campbell, and Chad Dollohite.

Former elders have been David Boyd, Junnus Womack, Ward Collett, Don McWholter, George Ranrey, D.C. Martin, Earl Britton, John Fields, J. Peers, Joel Hillis, Cecil Chaffin and Sam Vandergriff.  The current elders are Larry Clark and James Lewis.  The current deacons are Leslie Clark, Dennis Paladeni, Josh Perry, Danny Brown and Mickey West Sr.

The Green's Lake Road congregation anticipates a great future as it continues to serve God with all diligence.  If God be willing, her best days are yet ahead.  The goal of Green's Lake Road church is to be faithful to God in belief, worship, work, and service.  To this end we ask God's blessings upon our feeble efforts.
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